Our work is something we put a lot of ourselves into. It is argued, discussed, examined, and sometimes even fought over before it makes its way to a client. But that's only because we are a bunch of really passionate people making a difference.


We've got a cake with 77 candles on it.

Our writers, researchers and strategists have a collective experience of 77 years. Years that have given us ability, agility and growth from bottom up.

Is : Curious, curiouser, curiosest (she forgets her English like Alice, when excited)

Beer : Every single one under the sun, partial to German

Workout : Yoga, mind games, chasing deadlines

Conservation : TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India)

Indulgence : Coffee, seeing the anecdotal side of people

Jeans : Levi’s Bold Curve, Marks& Spencer (classic cuts)

Shoes : Anything with a 3 inch heel

Brands Loved : “Don’t buy brands because I build them”

Favourite Smell : Coffee, the sea

Admires : Women entrepreneurs

Other Lives : Mixologist

Reads : Chanakya Chants, Mills and Boon, Sudhir Kakkar…..

Celluloid : Gone with the wind, Book of Eli, Sex and the City

Cellulite : Let’s not even go there

Inspired by : Dad

Would rather be : Walt Disney

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Sheetal Choksi
- Founder & Director

Is : Always reinventing herself

Beer : Amstel Lite, Miller, prefers cocktails though

Workout : Running, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, Yoga

Conservation : Herself

Indulgence : Chocolates, gulab jamuns, jalebis

Jeans : Levi’s and anything that makes the hips look slimmer

Shoes : Kick ass boots, flats or nothing

Brands Loved : Nike

Favourite Smell : Coffee, freshly baked bread, mom’s cooking

Admires : Women who drink whisky

Other Lives : Mixologist (trainee)

Reads : Anything

Celluloid : A long list of drama, thrillers, horrors but can watch Bridges of Madison County endlessly

Cellulite : A curse

Inspired by : Richard Branson, Chris Nolan

Would rather be : A super hero

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Sharmila Cirvante
- Founder & Director




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