5 Writing Courses to Build Your Creative and Strategic Skills!

We reviewed some of the best creative writing courses available online to help you find the right one!

What is your current modus operandi? Work from Home or Back to Office? Perhaps, it’s a little bit of both. As a writer, you must be facing a myriad of challenges, from writer’s block to inspiration lag to word burn out. After all, it’s difficult to be upbeat and persuasive in your craft, when the world around you is facing turmoil. Some of you may be in between jobs, while others may be rejigging their current positions to squeeze the most out of it. No matter what stage of the New Normal you find yourself in, remember, it’s always a good idea to keep upskilling. So, while you’re attempting to make the best out of your situation, we’re giving you a little nudge in the direction of positivity and productivity. Here are 5 writing courses to help keep you focused on what’s important. Sign up, according to your convenience. 

1. “Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps” 

Offered By: Rachel Leroy BA, MA, MFA

Available On: Udemy

Regarded as one of the world’s largest education sites, Udemy comprises of a wide-range selection of content writing courses, designed to stimulate budding and experienced writers both. This one, in particular, by a professional writing coach, is great for those of you who wish to hone your individual styles and craft effective writing with punch. In just one short hour, you will be practicing optimum word usage, utilising appropriate word order and sentence flow, implementing proactive sentence structures, strategizing your purpose, as well as convincing your reader through strong logic and presentation. It’s time to master the best writing practices for your industry, be it travel or retail or anything else!

2. “The Strategy of Content Marketing”

Offered By: University of California, Davis

Available On: Coursera 

With an extensive list of programmes hosted by Ivy League Universities such as Stanford and Yale, Coursera is a very credible site for online content writing courses. Whether you’re building a business or an individual brand, you will need to have a deep understanding of content marketing as it forms an integral pillar in the overall marketing plan. This comprehensive, 20-hour session conducted by UC Davis will run you through the stages of developing and implementing a content marketing strategy, writing compelling copy using a strategic framework, and building brand value and authority.

3. “Writing for Social Media”

Offered By: University of California, Berkeley 

Available On: edX 

When it comes to quality online writing courses, edX is another amazing site to peruse for its diverse range of offerings. Now, this course comes highly recommended by Word Hatter as it is one of the most relevant skill sets an individual can possess today. Social media platforms help companies build and promote their brands, share news and information, and communicate with their target audiences in a meaningful and measurable manner. While this programme has been archived for a future date, make sure to sign up for it once it’s back up. It will teach you how to craft unique, memorable and engaging copy that will deliver your messages effectively. Plus, it’s administered by UC Berkeley!

4.”Business Writing” 

Offered By: University of Colorado Boulder 

Available On: Coursera

Sometimes it’s hard to identify writing skills courses that work for you. Luckily, Coursera’s bank of affiliate universities will make you confident about every course you choose. Business Writing by University of Colorado Boulder is ideal not only for students, but for professional content writers who require basic industry knowledge and skills. This incredible programme will take you through the principles of good business writing, and equip you with simple tools to dramatically improve your comprehension and execution skills. What’s more, you will be empowered to present your ideas in a clear, effective and impactful manner.

5. “Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot”

Offered By: Wesleyan University 

Available On: Coursera

Storytelling is the essence of any celebrated marketing campaign of the 21st century. And as a content writer or copywriter, you should be able to tap into this creative process with ease. Coursera gives you access to Wesleyan University’s bank of brilliant creative writing courses that will give life to your inner narrator. Within a 10-hour window, you will have learned how to tell a story successfully through Freytag’s 5-tiered pyramid structure. Once you’ve perfected the art of creating an interesting story arch and plot, you can apply this knowledge to any writing project, pan industry. 

As we wordsmiths say, when life gives you lemons, get a little zesty! Now you don’t need to punch content writing courses online free into google search anymore. We have outlined everything you need to know. 

So, get learning. Get started.