Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing: Finding the Shoe that Fits!

Digital Marketing is an all encompassing term for a variety of functions. What’s your niche?

You might be a college graduate exploring employment opportunities in marketing, or perhaps, someone who is merely curious about what the marketing world entails. Transitioning into the next phase of your career is like an adventure filled with excitement and fear, ordeals and rewards. And sometimes, a little guidance from the mentor is all it takes for the protagonist to excel in his/her tale.

Word Hatter acts as your very own career godmother, taking you on a journey through some of the most enriching careers in Digital Marketing.  Read on, for some inspiration.

Copywriting and Content Writing

The digital world is dynamic. Evolving. Changing. Adapting. So much so that it’s hard to keep up with what’s trending and what’s teetering. The novel and fresh of today is the obsolete of tomorrow. But amidst this volatility, one thing remains constant. The written word! And brands take great care to craft stories that are unique, memorable, engaging and most importantly fulfil an objective. While copywriting sells, content writing tells; however, the two are closely linked and when put together, can create a powerful narrative. Copywriting is content, but content isn’t necessarily copywriting. Content writing has the potential to position your brand as an authority, which grants it credibility. It’s important that freshers understand this distinction when exploring employment opportunities in the marketing sector. In order to be persuasive in communication, one must be a skilled writer as well as a storyteller. 

Graphic Designing 

While the left side of the brain controls logic and reasoning, the right-side nurtures creativity and imagination. Visual imagery in marketing targets the latter. It captures the attention of a consumer long enough for the text to convey the intended message. By leveraging the latest technologies such as digital photography, animation, audio visual tools, and multimedia techniques, Graphic Designers produce ingenious and impactful material that helps support the promotional message of a piece of marketing communication. If you’re artistic by nature, this role will challenge and stimulate you both, as it dabbles with colour, line, composition, balance, design, motion and sound. It requires innovative and strategic thinking.

Media Buying and Planning

Two decades ago, media buying and planning comprised of only traditional mediums, where homogenous messages were broadcasted to large audiences. Digital marketing did not exist. Nor did, targeted messages or niche markets. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Today, this vital discipline has a whole new spectrum to navigate! Technology has built bridges across all platforms – Social, Digital, Mobile, Print, Radio, Out of Home and Television. Which means, media buyers and planners must study all these functions to identify which work best for brand specific campaigns. The goal of media buying is to place an ad in front of the right audience, at the right time, place and context, for them see and act upon. Those who wish to pursue this digital marketing opportunity must have a keen understanding of strategy and analytics.

Brand Management 

When all the elements we’ve discussed come together i.e. copy, creatives, channels, customers – brand magic is created. But in order to achieve true resonance, audiences must be able to identify and resonate with brands easily. Because, in a world where consumers make decisions about purchases in the blink of an eye, companies must be willing and prepared to build positive perception. It is a fact, many businesses will succeed or fail based on their ability to successfully market their offering, alone. As you can see, this is an important space to be in. If you’re looking for marketing job opportunities that will help you apply and tap into all those university degrees, brand management is a great avenue to walk 

Market Analysis and Growth Marketing 

Is it possible to strike up a conversation with a marketer today, and not talk about data? We think not. No matter what designation or role you wish to pursue, a certain amount of knowledge on number crunching is required. After all, if you’re going to make a compelling case for anything, be it a social media plan or a content marketing campaign, you’re going to have to be comfortable with numbers. A marketing analyst or growth marketer specialises in collecting, processing and analysing industry and company data, and then presenting those findings to guide the overall marketing strategy. As marketers, we’re born storytellers. But arm a marketer with data, and you’re left with a pretty lethal combo!

This is only just the beginning. The tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in surveying more jobs under the marketing umbrella, we suggest you read up on them in detail.