Put Vitamin C back into your Marketing Plan

Why Content is more relevant today than ever!

The world around us is shifting gears and beginning to move ahead even though uncertainty is the new normal. And while marketers are no strangers to crisis management, this pandemic has been a bolt from the blue. Crisis management guidelines, that were once set in stone, now seem to belong to a different time. While ever evolving strategies just cannot seem to adapt to the Covid Era, forcing us to think about life BC (Before Corona) and anticipate life AC (After Corona).

In such times, how do we, as marketing experts, create, sustain and enhance our customer relationships? Communication is the key. Which is where, content comes in. And with brands today trying to balance their marketing goals with customer sensitivity, they end up sending out identical messages. Making it difficult for customers to differentiate between one brand and the other. How then do we maintain our brand identity and stand out in the time of Corona? 

While ever evolving strategies just cannot seem to adapt to the Covid Era, forcing us to think about life BC (Before Corona) and anticipate life AC (After Corona).

There are two challenges that marketers as communicators are facing right now; the first being creating meaningful content in what seems to be an entirely new world, and the second being building brand connectivity. And while, customers are working from home, they are also looking to fill up the vacant time slots that their commuting once swallowed up. Which means, they have time to consume a lot more content than they ever did. Making the need for content even more relevant today than ever! 

Content creation in the time of Corona demands gauging the customer’s response to the pandemic. What are their emotions? What are they longing for? Do miss travelling across the world or even their favourite hangout spot? How are they taking care of their overgrown beards, eyebrows or weight issues? Delve into the lives of your customers, study their challenges and emotions during this testing time and address, or answer their anxieties, stress, worries and woes. And nothing can do this more effectively than your content! 

Look at Gillette Venus, for example, a popular grooming brand that recently collaborated with YouTube star Prajakta Koli to encourage grooming at home during the lockdown. 

While Reebok India is actively working with brand ambassador Katrina Kaif and celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala to post short ‘Workout from Home’ videos on Instagram and Facebook. 

McDonald’s, on the other hand, has taken a more direct approach by addressing customer concerns and informing them of the new precautions that the popular fast food chain is taking. CEO Kenneth Yang via video assured all customers saying, “We will not hesitate to cancel any customer activity or even temporarily shut down any of our restaurants.” 

Ikea, Spain decided to strike an emotional chord with their customers. They encouraged people to look at their homes from a different perspective. That they were not trapped but cocooned in their little nest that still echoes with warm giggles and belly aching laughter. Further encouraging them to dance, play, sing and fall in love with each other all over again, only at home, sweet home.

This is what brands must do – create engaging content that encourages customer safety with a strong brand connection instead of mere and blatant brand promotions. Explore opportunities for sales but do not be too pushy. The marketing creative has now evolved to ensuring the wellbeing of your customers while exploring sales opportunities. This is the time to create responsible yet engaging content to brave the ongoing crisis.