Services That Have Turned Saviour During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Here’s a list of enterprise level services and other software tools that will let you breathe easy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To say the Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard would be an understatement. Ups and downs are a given when you run any sort of business, but what we’re experiencing is a whole new level of economic degeneration. And while business may be slow, overheads still loom, further compounding this problem. The question isn’t how to pay for services that are key to everyday function, it’s now about damage control, which services to keep going and which ones to discontinue in an effort to save money and keep costs low. 

Fortunately, a lot of companies and services have come together to help their current customers and new ones by either subsidising their services or offering them for free in this time of need. Earlier, we gave you a list of services and sites to keep you occupied at home without burning through your wallet. This time around, we’re putting together a list of services available for free that you can use to keep your business afloat and save money and use it where it matters such as coronavirus relief efforts or employee salaries, in a world where work from home is slowly becoming the new norm.

  • Word Hatter’s shouting out to Hootsuite the social media management tool that lets you manage all your social media accounts from just one platform and track and analyse all your engagement data, Hootsuite is offering free usage for current and prospective users until July. We’re using it and we’d recommend you do the same, not just when it’s free but also later on, because of its intuitive software that tracks and analyses your social media data and it’s easy to use interface. 
  • Support.com is offering free tech support for anyone who’s working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. You still need to create an account, but using the coupon code ‘StayConnected’ at checkout lets you use the service for free. The site has live as well as archived tech support guides that let you fix any technical issues ranging from common hardware or software issues to more serious ones like system crashes, you may encounter while working remotely. This is great especially for smaller teams which may lack access to dedicated technical support.
  • Privacy and security is a major concern and playing for website security solutions during a slowdown is giving the best of us anxiety, which is why Cloudflare For Teams is offering its enterprise-level website security solutions for free during the covid-19 crisis. At a time when businesses are particularly vulnerable, having a system crash due to a DDoS attack or malware infection which you need to spring valuable capital to fix is a nightmare scenario. Fortunately, services like Cloudflare have stepped up in our time of need.
  • If you’re facing a manpower crunch and the lockdown has put you in a catch-22 situation where you need employees, but can’t hire because of stay at home and social distancing measures, Lever is offering free online applicant tracking systems and recruitment marketing tools and solutions for free during the pandemic. It also boasts Zoom integration that lets you manage and schedule interviews via Zoom (which also happens to be free). Top companies such as Netflix and Shopify already use Lever to streamline their recruitment and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it either. 

There’s also a host of other services that are free to use during the coronavirus but are location specific and specific to coronavirus research or those companies and organizations directly involved in the fight against covid-19. On a much larger scale, platforms such as Facebook are working on providing ad-credits and grants to organizations affected by the coronavirus, the service hasn’t been rolled out in India yet, and we’ll update you when it does. Meanwhile, you can sign-up to be notified here.