The Role of Content Marketing in a Remote-only World

The ‘new normal’ is giving context to a growing need for content. Let’s see how.

Content, at its very best, is reliable, helpful, informative and quirky. And at a time like this, it’s exactly what we need, don’t you think? As the world’s leading professors, journalists, government agencies, scientists and medical workers respond to the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, they are reaching out to the public through various forms of content. 

Ping. Buzz. Click. Swipe! 

This holds true for brands and businesses too. With brick and mortar stores shuttered and on-ground events cancelled, traditional ways of creating customer engagement are no longer feasible. This, coupled with a sharp reduction in advertising spend and media budgets, has caused quite a pickle. So, it comes as no surprise that the most effective way to reach audiences today is through a content marketing strategy. But remember, if your content isn’t responding to changing customer needs during this pandemic, you’re at risk of moving too slowly. To provide you with some context and guidance, Word Hatter shows you how content can build bridges to your audiences in a remote-only world!

It Expands Reach

The purpose of any piece of marketing content, be it a blog post, an infographic or a video, is get your consumers to act on it. And so, it’s pretty straightforward – the more options you have of connecting with existing and potential consumers, the better your chances are at achieving your goals. Think about it. As businesses across the world shift from a physical to a virtual landscape, content marketing becomes the foundation of any or all marketing strategies. By creating quality content that can be easily distributed through various digital channels, brands have the opportunity to build connections with more people. The fact that this content can be shared, for free, expands reach even further, without putting a dent on budgets. For example, museums such as The Louvre, France and other historical landmarks have opened up their virtual doors allowing anyone from any part of the world to take a 360-degree tour and learn all about their heritage!  remember, if your content isn’t responding to changing customer needs during this pandemic, you’re at risk of moving too slowly.

…if your content isn’t responding to changing customer needs during this pandemic, you’re at risk of moving too slowly.

It Keeps Connections Alive

During a time of social distancing, when human interaction is at its lowest, content has the ability to bridge that gap by bringing comfort and joy to all. Because while distancing is temporary, love is forever. From enlightening blog posts to comedic podcasts, interactive Instagram contests to newsworthy Twitter commentary, self-help eBooks to informative infographics, quirky WhatsApp shareables to witty Facebook quizzes, content helps people connect with each other through endless platforms and formats. Human interest stories bring a smile to people’s faces. OTT platforms provide high-quality content from across the globe, introducing people to new cultures, thought processes and genres. Netflix has expanded its Indian slate of original content with eight new titles, including six original films and two original series, across themes like thrillers, romantic comedies and light-hearted dramas. So, while you may not be able to enjoy the pleasures of physical company, they can still form connections through shared content.

It Builds Communities   

Gone are the days when businesses have to meet with their customers in person to foster a strong relationship. Coffee over video chat is equally intimate, we think! With the eruption of E-commerce and social media, led by smart technological devices, community building is as easily accomplished online. And this is far more beneficial than the traditional model as people tend to be a lot more forthcoming with their opinions online. Through consistent communication across diverse content formats and platforms, brands can create powerful online communities comprising of existing customers, prospective customers and supporters. Yes, these communities act like brand mascots, thus contributing to the overall reputation and image. Spotify India is one such company that is instrumental in bringing people together. From sporting to literary to scientific communities, the brand hosts audio content for everyone!  

It Strengthens Brand Value 

In a remote-only world, brands are limited to digital platforms to communicate their stories. From presenting their mission and vision statement to investors, to highlighting their value propositions to customers, the need for quality content marketing has increased greatly. Given the current climate of a global pandemic, brands need to reassure their customers that they have made the right choice. To achieve this, they need to make it as easy as possible for consumers to stay on, rather than switching to competitors. They must also relay all measures taken, safety or otherwise, to adapt to this situation. Through content marketing, brands can communicate a wide variety of important information in a timely and creative manner. For example, KFC India introduced its hygiene and safety procedures through a series of well-crafted Instagram posts, with the tagline – “Taste You Can Trust”.

As you can see, companies across the world are dealing with the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands have had to respond to a rapidly changing environment, with government-imposed restrictions on economic activity and social interaction causing a major disruption to business. Those who have been quick to respond to these unprecedented challenges, and have been planning for recovery, are the ones most likely to survive and thrive when the new normal is achieved.