Poems for Parity on #WhyWomensDay

Musings on equality by Word Hatter’s resident poets.


You worship us in haloed temples

You call us maaji, behenji and respected names

But when it comes to giving us real respect

You still believe we’re the ones to blame.

You patronize us with your gestures

Then label us as easy

Yet when it comes to staying committed

You start to act casual and breezy.

This isn’t a note against the men of the world

This is a note for you and me

That if we want to make a real change

Let’s ditch lip service, act equally.

-Savita N.


I am not the colour of my skin

Or the bright red gloss that coats my lips

Don’t tell me my smile is the prettiest curve of my body

Or say the sway of my hips makes me a lady

Don’t tell to me to sit, with my legs crossed and hands dainty

Saying no does not make me rude

Turning you down doesn’t mean I’m a prude

The lovely night does not have a dress code

Let’s not go down that road.

Like you’ve set the rules for me, I’m setting the rules for you too.

-Harsharan B.