The Word Hatter Weekly Dispatch (Vol. 3)

5 Headlines This Week That Aren’t All Doom And Gloom

1.  Putting #FlattenTheCurve In Top Gear

Kanyaboyina Sudhakar of Hyderabad’s Sudha Cars Museum is all set to unveil his latest model – a ‘corona car’. Designed in the shape of a virus, the automobile will be used to spread awareness to the general public regarding the magnitude of the pandemic and the need to stay at home. Entrepreneur and former Guinness World Record holder, Kanyaboyina has installed a 100cc engine, single seat and fibre body that can travel at 40 kmph. Read more 

2. Meet Jaipur’s Homegrown Superhero- Medicine Man

50-year-old Ajay Agarwal, a pharmacy owner in Jaipur, has been tirelessly working through India’s lockdown to ensure that citizens have access to medical supplies. Some of his regular customers suffer from diabetes and heart disease, rendering them particularly vulnerable during this time. Agarwal has been coordinating with suppliers to secure stock of medicines and even going as far as to make doorstep deliveries. Additionally, he leads a group of shop owners who are feeding the destitute. Read more

3.  Wear From Home-The Other WFH That’s Catching On

In times of great adversity, leading fashion and lifestyle retailers are recognising immense opportunity. Work From Home wear is now an independent tab on several ecommerce websites, targeting those who wish to look trendy during video conference calls. Due to an increase in inventory levels during lockdown, brands have been forced to think dynamically. Firms that are cementing this trend include Myntra, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop and H&M, among others. Read more 

4. Tata To The Rescue

Kasaragod, Kerala can breathe a sigh of relief as Tata Group announces its plans to build a speciality hospital in the district over the next 3 months. On the 7th of April, D. Sajith Babu, district collector of Kasaragod, communicated this piece of good news via his Facebook page. According to a report from the Times, the Covid-19 hospital will come fully equipped with 540 isolation beds. Read more

5. Another Indian Joins The Ranks of Tech Royalty

IT giant, IBM, is forging ahead with a new CEO. As of 6th April, Arvind Krishna is the man in charge of leading the global company into the cloud and cognitive era. A technology executive of Indian origin, he has already made major strides in his new designation. Krishna is addressing the integral role of the company, in the age of a major public health crisis. In his first email to IBM employees, he writes “today, more than ever, trust is our license to operate.” Read more