Wear From Home – The Other WFH In Vogue

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

As India navigates a new normal, one that has couches, window sills and kitchen counters turning into mini offices, we see a new opportunity being born out of great adversity. The boundary between work and leisure continues to blur, amidst the throes of yet another lockdown.

Meetings and presentations have found a virtual boardroom in Zoom, while water cooler banter is confined to WhatsApp and a few quickly shared memes. And, as individuals embrace the reality of today’s workplace, companies are cashing in on the WFH wave in a creative and dynamic manner.

‘Work From Home Wear’, or as they like to call it, ‘Wear From Home’, is the newest vertical meant to engage audiences as they try and make sense of WFH situations, such as facing bosses, co-workers or clients on camera. Fashion and lifestyle retailers have created an independent tab on their respective e-commerce platforms that showcase trendy looks, styling tips, fitness advice, as well as motivational quotes, in the time of home-based working. 

From fuzzy socks to oversized T-shirts, the idea of not having to pick something out of the closet in the morning is very enticing. Which is where ‘Wear From Home’ comes into the picture!

Ever since fear of Covid-19 escalated in the month of March, online and offline retailers have been facing immense pressure, with an approximate 70% dip in sales, thus intensifying the need to develop effective platforms to communicate with customers. Due to the fact that consumers aren’t able to shop physically and might not feel the need to ‘dress up’, the challenge has been to identify and communicate a key benefit that will elicit demand.

With brands pushing the concept of ‘Work From Home’ fashion and emphasising on the dire need to stay stylish, this desire has been induced. According to the Economic Times, brands such as Myntra, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, H&M, Madhura Fashion & Lifestyle and The Label Life have been presenting their spring-summer collections as WFH clothing. Responding to the current need of the hour, this trend is likely to continue into the future as work life is becoming more agile and flexible.

In the era of home-based working, particularly in today’s current scenario, it’s very important to remain well balanced. Very easily, one can get complacent and fall into the trap of minimal grooming. From fuzzy socks to over-sized T-shirts, the idea of not having to pick something out of the closet in the morning is very enticing. Which is where ‘Wear From Home’ comes into the picture! It ensures that one is smartly dressed for the duration of their work day, be it in colourful blazers or chic shirts.

We see more individuals than ever, getting ready at dawn, throwing on smart casuals and prepping for a normal work schedule. Getting out of one’s PJ’s is the first step to staying focused and being productive. After all, when you’re well groomed, you’re more likely to tackle your tasks normally. And more importantly, it’s an attempt at returning to normalcy, and instilling routine in times when the world has shrunk considerably to fit the four walls of our home. It will be very interesting to see how brands, both global and local, leverage this opportunity.