4 Ways To Make Your Blog On Summer Recipes Go Viral

Summer recipes are a hot topic these days just like the weather itself. If you are a food blogger, you can’t miss out on writing about them. So, thinking of blogging about your summer recipes on different blogs? Here are few hacks to make your blog interesting to the readers.

Tell your readers something different

Everyone knows about the classic ‘Aam Panna’ or ‘Chaas’ which are great cooling recipes to beat the heat. Write about some unique recipes which most of your readers wouldn’t know about. Even if you are writing about the same recipes, don’t forget to add your unique twist to it.

Use an appetizing vocabulary

Writing down the ingredients and the procedure won’t make your blog worth reading. You need to portray the deliciousness of your recipes through your words. Use exquisite words that make the flavours come alive while reading.

Use tempting images

If you are writing on a platformlike Squarespace, where you can post great cover images for your blog, you must leverage it. Use a tempting cover image that luresyour readers to read the blog. Good images will also help when you post the blog on social media, as the cover image and the title of the blog will determine whether people will click on the link to read the blog or not.

Post on social media platforms

Don’t be shy to talk about your blog on various social media platforms. How else will people know that you have written something? So, go ahead and post your blog with relevant hashtags and interesting captions.

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