5 Tips To Write Engaging Podcasts

Everyone listens to podcasts these days. Here’s how you can ensure that you feature on the listener’s list!

Do your research well and jot down important points
Research critical to creating good content. Jotting down important points will help you create a flow and ensure that you have covered everything.

Write a script
Write down a script with points that each participant will cover, including their dialogues. This
will help you gauge the time each speaker is getting and what points each one of them is going to cover.

Write for your listener
Think about all the questions they might have at every step and answer them. This will hold their interest.

Make it incredibly interesting
Podcasts are typically consumed in the background. People listen to podcasts while working out, commuting or driving. Which makes it difficult to hold their attention. So, make it engaging.

Be yourself
Knowing that your podcast will be heard by hundreds can be exciting as well as intimidating. You might end up altering your tone, style of talking and writing. It is important to maintain authenticity in your tone of voice and your content. People always prefer an original style to a robotic script. Having tried and tested the waters ourselves, we’ve figured the art of writing a podcast. Get in touch with Sharmila@wordhatter.com if you are willing to explore this new content format.