Does Your Ghostwriter Have These 5 Essential Traits?

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter for your writing projects? Here’s what you should be looking for.

Ghostwriting Experience

A ghostwriter is different from a writer. A writer reflects his or her own personality and style in the writing. But a ghostwriter will reflect only your style and personality, without giving a hint of the writer in disguise. An experienced ghostwriter will be able to pull different personalities and stories into their writing. Experience counts!

Subject Matter Expertise

No doubt every writer needs to thoroughly research the topic before writing it, but this can be a never-ending, tedious task. Having subject matter expertise comes handy and reduces search time as the relevant information will be pulled from the right sources.

Understands the tonality

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction or a business article, every genre has a tonality of its own. Make sure that the writer is able to find the perfect tone that suits the genre and most importantly, you.


Sticking to deadlines can be a task as creative juices don’t flow 24/7. Your writer must be able to work with deadlines and not be someone who waits for a creative spark or intervention.


A ghostwriter is privy to your life and experiences as you have to discuss everything pertaining to the subject as well as you. Which is why you need someone whom you can trust. One way to ensure this is by making them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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