Reading These 3 Genres Will Improve Your Writing

Whether it’s a specific genre or a particular writer, we all have our favourites. But reading different genres is as important for a writer as much as practicing writing itself. Read on to know more about the role of different genres in developing specific writing skill sets.


Mythology usually has a lot of characters with a twisted and complex plot. So, if you want to write a piece or an article where you need to focus on more than 2 subject aspects, mythological reads are a great way to learn this. It’ll help you to learn about when to plug in which subject or information and how to seamlessly transit from one subject to another.


Literary fiction is rich with metaphors and has a great story-line to hold the viewer’s attention. These books tell you a story and instigate certain thoughts about the story or the characters at the same time. Therefore, refer this genre to write a good opinion or insight piece wherein you want to provide some information and your insights while stifling a thought in your reader’s mind to engage them in the piece.


Thriller elicits feelings of anticipation and fear. A thriller not only hooks you in the current scenarios but also generates curiosity about what might happen after this. When you are writing a series of newsletters or blogs, it’s imperative to hold your reader’s attention in the similar way i.e. hook them in the current one but also generate enough curiosity for the next one.

Try and read more and more genres and observe the subtle differences in each one of them. All the little nuances from all the genres can be used to revitalize your existing writing style or can be incorporated for writing articles in a new format.