Your Checklist Before You Vote In The BMC Elections

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections are being held on 21st Feb, 2017. If you truly love aamchi Mumbai get up from your couch and VOTE!

1. Is Your Name In The Voter List?
Due to the delimitation exercise done this year there has been a 90% change in the electoral ward boundaries. Many of you may be struggling to find the right ward. But before that, make sure you check if your name is in the updated voter’s list here:
And if there are any discrepancies, report it to your ward office as soon as possible.

2. Which Ward Are You In?
Mumbai has been divided into 227 electoral wards for better administration by the BMC. Find out which ward your house falls under, here:
If you’re still confused, don’t worry, the BMC along with the state election commission has created a mobile app called True Voter, which will help you find your electoral ward, polling booth and voter ID number.

3.Who Are The Contesting Candidates?
Figured out which ward you’re a part of? Not that difficult, was it?
Now, find out who all are fighting for the MLA seat in your ward here:

BMC Wards in Mumbai

4. What Are The BMC’s Duties?
If you had been living under a rock all this while and have no idea what the BMC’s listed duties are, let alone what its duties should be, click here to find out:
Now you can cue complaining OR get out and VOTE for a better Mumbai.

5. Read About The Present MLA!
Do a little digging into what the current MLA had promised in the last elections and how much has actually been done. This will not only help you get perspective on the ruling party, but also help you choose the right candidate this time.

Now that you know all the details, VOTE before going to that movie.